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2010 Unleashed


April 24, 2010
Summit Lake
Team Dully Takes Gold and Nationally Exposed!

Team Dully traveled to the clear waters of Lake Summit for the first Fishers of Men Indiana North Division tournament.  We were able to locate a good group of fish the week before and elected not to practice on Friday for fear of soar mouthing possible keeper fish.  We did attend the Friday night meeting for food and fellowship.  The meal was prepared by F.O.M. members Tony Goff and Ron True.  Big Burgers and brats on the grill.  The message was about finding and relying on Christ in all that we do and be ready for change.  Good Message.  Change it did.  We were able to re-catch our fish from the week before.  That does not happen often in Indiana.  Our changing weather normally will change the fishing.  This did not happen this time.  Team Dully took top honors finishing in 1rst place with 9.73 lbs and second big bass of 5.32 lbs and is ranked 1rst over all in the standings.  What an unbelievable blessing and change of events.  Fishing is a mental game.  We came from Raccoon without a keeper bite and a bit frustrated.  However, we were able to refocus and get it done at Summit with a little help from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  My friend "Ike" says,"Never Give Up".  Always fight negativity and just believe.  We may not know what is in store for us, but through Christ all Things.  We would Like to thank our all our sponsors for the opportunity to compete.  Special thanks to Strictly Bass Lures for the Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Spinnerbaits that caught big mama bass and 3 of the four limit.  Also, we would like to recognize Professional Creations for our New Team Hats.  They look very cool.  We are very excited that we were able to obtain National Exposure for all our sponsors so early in the season.  We were picture on the front page of the F.O.M website.  Big day for all who have believe in and supported us.  All the glory to our Lord.  The team will be going to Brookville for Indiana South.  See official results at F.O.M website.  Follow us on facebook or we will see you on the water. 
2010 Sponsor List.
Lawrence Local 416, Elkhart Brass, 511 Tactical, Strictly Bass Lures, Angler's World Online, Gator Grip, Four Counties Counseling Services, Our Little World Graphic Design, Blue Water Led, Professional Creation, and Gas America Corp.








2009 Realize The Dream


Augest 15, 2009


Team Dully National Front Page Gold!


August 15, 2009 St. Joe River-Jeff Roose Memorial
First Place Finish

Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail Front Page!
The Dream, Realize It!

Unbelievable Blessed Finish.  The team charged the finish line at the St. Joe River in the last Indiana North season tournament.   We had battled all year inch by inch and what a finish.  We not only came in first place for the tournament, we almost took the points championship away from the three year running defending team.  We came in second overall and missed first by a marginal 3 point difference, making for a very exciting weigh-in finish.  Can you believe it!   National Exposure for all our sponsors, plaques, checks, pictures, and 2nd overall finish.  You think it can not get any better,BAM then the lord blessed me with a 4 plus smally during our practice day.  New Personal Best for Indiana.  We would like to thank our sponsors LFD Local 416, Elk Hart Brass, Scott Health and Safety, Anglersworldonline.com, Strictlybasslures.com,  Our Littler World Design, and all who have believed in us and our dream.  I would like to take this moment to thank my Wife and family for supporting and allowing me to chase it.  They are the real Team Dully.   At Team Dully, We Create Success!  Let this be a testament to our Lord and Saviors Grace.  ONLY Through a relationship with Christ, are All Things Possible and to him All our Glory.  Realize The Dream 2009!

Special note:  I made it a point to wear my camo boonie hat this season to honor our troops and their families for providing and securing all our freedom to Chase Dreams! 
Thank you for all you do.
God Bless Our TROOPS!

July 18, 2009
Fishers Of Men Indiana North
Lake Shafer

Team Dully Battles for Fifth!

The headed to beautiful lake Shafer, home of Indiana Beach.  We spent the day of practice looking at the roller coasters and catching good smally.  I was able to catch a 3.5 lb. smally accidentally hooking her but enjoying the fight anyway.  That fish is my biggest Indiana Smally to date.  Great day on the water.  We attended the meeting at the local Methodist church.  Fellowship and food Great!  We launched on tournament day and went after the big smallies.  We spent four hours trying to get a keeper with no luck.  We hastily decided to go after some large mouth to try to save the tournament.  We were blessed with 3 keeper bites.  This allowed the team to scratch a fifth place finish.  By his grace, we made the cut, cash checks, and moved to sixth overall.  We would like to thank our sponsors Elk Hart Brass and Scott Health and Safety for the opportunity to compete.  You can see the official results at the Indiana North Division section of the Fishers of Men National Website.

June 20, 2009

Team Dully North

Strikes again for Fourth!

The Team went to Morse Reservoir for this event.  We had a great day of fishing for on our official practice day.  Aggressive fish all over the lake hitting our spinner baits and top water.  We attended the official meeting and Bass Masters Qualifier Terry Mcwilliams was our speaker.  He spoke of being a good witness to others and making it a point to share the word with the people around you.  What a message.  The team woke to cloudy skies after a massive 3" rain storm overnight.  We felt the fish would stay active and aggressive with the wind and cloud cover.  Our experience by 10:00a.m. told us that the bite had changed just like Monroe a week earlier.  Without fear, the team changed gears and made adjustments to power our way to a 10 lbs. 5 fish limit.  We had our chances at some big fish that got off.  That's fishing.  We were blessed to find that our efforts yielded a Fourth Place finish.  Cashing checks and keeping the team rolling to the next events.  You can not miss your opportunity to catch bigger fish and expect to finish first.  Those honors went to Terry Mcwilliams and his grand son Brody Mcwilliams.  Despite their big motor not starting, they were able to trolling motor only, to win the event.  What a story.  We would like to thank our sponsors Elk Hart Brass firefighting equipment for the opportunity to compete, with all the glory to or Lord Jesus Christ.  See the official results and standing at F.O.M. website Indiana North Division.  We will be at Lake Shafer for our next event in July and then Tanners Creek on the Ohio River.  See On The Water.

June 13, 2009

Team Dully

Takes Fourth at Lake Monroe.

The team went to lake Monroe for the third stop on the Fishers of Men Indiana South division trail.  The team had a productive practice day finding aggressive fish roaming the size to ten foot range and aggressively chasing bait and our crank baits.  The meeting went well and the food was good.  As you would guess all changed overnight.  There was a proposed storm to hit us all day during the tournament.  It blew south and a blue bird high pressure sky set in.  The fish tightened their bite and refused our crank-baits early in the day on Saturday.  We realized we needed to make changes en route.  So, we switched gears and grounded out a 3 fish limit for over 6 lbs.  This was enough to bless the team with a fourth place finish and cashing checks.  It was a tough day for all.  However, we would like to thank our Re-signed Sponsor, Four County Counseling Center and all our sponsors for the opportunity to compete.  As always, glory to our lord and savior Jesus Christ, through him all things, even on a tough day on the water.  The official results and standings can be viewed at F.O.M National Tournament Trail Indiana South Division.  


May 21, 2009

Team Dully Medals


IFD 150th Year Anniversary Fallen Firefighters Benefit Tournament

Team Dully fished the IFD 150th Year Anniversary Fallen Firefighters Benefit Tournament taking medals home for our 6th place out of 40 finish.  The team fished well boating a 4 fish limit for about 8 lbs.  My Brother Lt. Tony Smith with the Brownsburg Fire Department was my partner for this event.  We do not get the chance to fish together as often as we did when were were growing up.  However, this will be a day we will charish for some time.  This event was more than just a fishing tournament, it was a day of brotherhood.  What an experience.  WE would like to give all the glory, to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for making this day possible.   The team would like to thank and recognize the Brownsburg Professional Firefighters Union and Elkhart Brass Firefighting Equipment for the opportunity to compete.    This was a well organized and professionally ran tournament with door prizes and trophies.  The proceeds will go to the Fallen Firefighters Bereavement Fund.  Fishing for the cause, Brotherhood, and 6th place medals,  Thank you Lord.  The team will be heading to Lake Monroe for the Fishers of Men Indiana South Division in our cool 2009 Tournament Shirts provided by firefighter owned graphic design store www.Ourlittleworld.com located in Greenfield, IN.  Special thanks to Firefighter Brian Burkhart for his effort on getting our shirts designed and done on such short notice.  Please visit their online store or shop their art studio for your graphic design needs.  Thanks again to all and we will see you on the water.  God Bless.


May 9, 2009

The team went to Raccoon Lake for the Fishers of Men North Division.  Raccoon is one of my favorite lakes because of the 16" size limit.  This lake has some big ol bass in it.  The team was able to catch about 12 or so pounds of fish during the practice day.  The biggest going about 4 lbs.  The food and fellowship at the meeting, top notch.  Over night cold front and 5 foot above pool water gave the fish a bit of lock jaw.  The team was unable to catch a keeper bass.  There were only 11 fish caught in a 40 boat field and we were not one of them.  Tough, tough, tough, and I mean tough conditions.  We would like to thank our sponsor Elkhart Brass for the opportunity to compete.  The official results can be viewed at F.O.M. website under the Indiana North Division.  Also, www.anglersworldonline.com has sponsored this division for the Fishers of Men as well.  The team will be fishing a Firefighters benefit  tournament on May 21, 2009 we will be sponsored by Elkhart Brass firefighting equipment and the Brownsburg Fire Department Union. My teammate for this event will be my lifelong friend and brother , Brownsburg Firefighter Lt. Tony Smith.  Our team shirts are provided by www.Ourlittleworld.com.  We should have a good day on the water.  Check back for results.  God Bless.  


May 2, 2009

Teamdully went to brookville for the Fishers of Men Indiana South tournament.  The weather was a bit rainy on Friday the official practice day.  The team was able to catch multiple smallmouth bass during practise, 2 walleye, and 10 or so big hybrid stripers.  The lake is alive and well.  The meeting had great food as usal and the speaker was from a ministry that goes to racing events, including nascar.  The message was how to start, maintain, and finish the race as a Christian. Very good message.  The team headed into tournament day with the hope of filling the live well with smallies.  We felt the cold front would push the largemouth deep and inactive while keeping the smallmouth going.  We were able to catch 40 plus smallmouth bass during the tournament, but only one measured the 14" legal limit.  The team finished in 8th place for the day.  Though the largemouth ruled the day, we had a blast catching fish and having fellowship.  This tournament trail is more than competition on the water.  We would like to thank all our sponsors especially www.strictlybasslures.com and Elkhart Brass for the opportunity to compete.  Our new shirts will be done for the next tournament.  See all results and standings at the F.O.M. website Indiana South Division.  God Bless.

April 18, 2009

Team Dully started the season off at Geist on Saturday April 18, 2009.  The conditions were overly tough for the team.  An dual upper level high gave the fish a bit of lock jaw, at least for us.  Despite our diligent efforts, the team was unable to boat a keeper fish.  The fellow ship the day before was top notch as always.  JJ's restaurant in New Palestine catered the meal and it was delicious.  We would like to thank our New 2009 Sponsor Elkhart Brass makers of firefighting equipment for the opportunity to compete.  We will be gearing up for the Brookville tournament for the south division on May 2.  See all results at F.O.M. website Indiana North and South division.  See you there. God Bless.

2008 The Dream Continues.


April 26, 2008 Raccoon Lake F.O.M Southern Division Results

sponsored by

Gas America Corporation and Four County Counseling Center

Must be the cool new pro shirts from www.Ourlittleworld.com or the teams new tow vehicle pictured above.  The team was blessed again at Raccoon. As the weather is heating up, so is Team Dully. During Friday practice, the team struggled to get on fish.  Finishing the day without a keeper bite.  We made it to the meeting for a fabulous home made chicken and noodle dinner.  The speaker spoke about how important it is to love your family.  A very spiritually powerful meeting.  When the storm passed through on Friday night, the team prayed for a cleansing change.  We would like to thank our sponsors Gas America and Four County Counseling Center for the opportunity to compete and compete we did.  The Lord blessed us with four quality bites on our Strictly Bass Lure Buzz Baits.  We landed 3 of 4 for 14.83 pounds.  Every fish 4 pounds plus, each a spiritual event to say the least.  5.65 Big Mama Blessing, TOURNAMENT BIG BASS and SECOND PLACE. What a day, Thank You Lord!  The team heads back to Raccoon on May 10 with the North Division.  The team will be staying the course.  See you at the weigh in.  View the Official results and standings at F.O.M. Indiana North and South Divisions website.  Prayers work , BELIEVE!    

April 12, 2008 Geist Reservoir F.O.M Northern Division Results

sponsored by

Gas America Corporation and Four County Counseling Center

Team Dully heated up during the Northern division opener, with a fourth place finish at Geist, in 40 degree temps. and 30 mph. winds.  The team fished hard to be squeaked out of 3rd place by 3 tenths of an ounce.  We were still blessed to cash checks in fourth place for $320.  We would like to thank our main sponsors Gas America and Four County Counseling Center for allowing us the opportunity to compete.  As always, the glory of our performance goes to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  The team attended the pre-tournament meeting.  Pastor Joe Huff spoke of keeping family first and how Noah had a Merc. 250 and Lowrance depth finder on the arch.  We won a tackle pack door prize and enjoyed the dinner.   During the tournament, the team managed to catch 7.42 lbs. with a 4.12 kicker Big Mama Bass.  However, she was not big enough to take big bass of 5.5.  We would like to apologize to our sponsors for being all covered up in rain and cold weather gear for the pictures on the National Fishers of Men website.  All details can be found at F.O.M. website Indiana North Division.  The team heads to Raccoon Reservoir for the next South Division 4/26 and North Division 5/10 tournaments.  See you at the weigh in.  Check back for the details.  Bring on Raccoon.  God Bless.  Team Dully. 

Cold weather, rain, sleet, and 30 Mph. wind!

Big Mama Bass 4.12!

Fourth Place Finish!

The Dream Lives!

   March 22, 2008 West Boggs F.O.M Southern Division Results

sponsored by

Gas American Corporation and Four County Counseling Center

What a start to the 2008 season, with the teams first 2008 tournament at West Boggs.  We would like to thank our continuing sponsor, the Gas America Corporation for allowing us the opportunity to compete and give thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for a safe outing.  Gas America also provided pull overs and insulated shirts that kept the Team warm and cozy on the blustery water.  Also, We would like to give a special thanks to our newest sponsor Four County Counseling Center for helping us realize the dream.  The pre-tournament meeting was a success.  The food was awesome during the meeting at the Amish village.  Two people were saved during the meeting and 10 people renewed their commitment to Christ.  The Team enjoyed the message, won a door prize, and received 50 points for our attendance.  This is a great organization to be involved with and the fellowship is awesome.  The Gas America literature was informative and some anglers commented on nominating a Home Town Hero for their promotion.  The fishing however was bleak to say the least.  The 47 degree water temp. combined with the chocolate milk mud soup flooded water,  was more than a match for the field of anglers and the Team.  We spent three total days on the water without as much as a bite.  In a 41 boat field, only 3 fish were caught during the tournament, total.  Tough conditions for all, to say the least.  The good news is the Team is tied for fourth place and is still in the hunt for the southern regional.  One of the three fish was a 8.02 monster.  That is the second biggest bass, I have ever seen in Indiana waters.  All results and pictures can be viewed at the Fishers of Men web site Indiana South Division.  It is worth checking out to see that Monster bass.  It is not where you start, it is how you finish.  We are already re-focused and preparing for the next tournament.   Our next event will be at Geist for the Indiana North Division on April 12, 2008.  See you at the weigh in.  The dream continues..........God Bless.  Team Dully.   

May 10, 2008 Raccoon F.O.M Northern Division Results

sponsored by

Gas American Corporation and Four County Counseling Center

The team headed back to Raccoon with big dreams and high hopes for a first place finish.  The lake delivered one exciting day on the water and the chance for the win.  The meeting and meal on Friday evening was as good as ever.  The homemade chicken and noodles hit the spot and we reflected on the power of putting Christ first in your daily activities.   We would like to thank our continuing sponsor, the Gas America Corporation and Four County Counseling Center for allowing us the opportunity to compete and give thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for a safe outing. The team headed into the tournament wanting a repeat performance from 2007 and to defend the title.  However, came away with a check and a  fourth place finish, boating 3 fish weighing in at over 10 lbs.  We did have the winning big mama fish on prior to the rocks cutting the line as the monster headed for the deep water.  We have no regrets and had our chance for the win, Fish On.  That is half the battle.  The Team heads to Brookville for the southern division and looks forward to seeing you all at the weigh in.  See official results and standings at the F.O.M. national website. God Bless. Team Dully.    

2008 Season Results and Overview

The above are the highlights of the 2008 tournament season.  The team finished 16th overall in the F.O.M Indiana North Division with a top 20% per field fishing average.  The team's first attempt at the  F.O.M Indiana South Division landed us in 27th place overall maintaining a top 21% per field fishing average.  The southern division has twice the competitors as the north and we are looking  forward to climbing higher in this division next year.  The team won in excess of $1300.00 and exposed our advertising sponsors nationally, with our second place finish.  We would like to thank Gas America and Four County Counseling Center for allowing us the opportunity to compete.  We found it exciting and very challenging keeping the pace with the 10 stop tour.  Competition of this pace leaves no time for remorse or negativity, you have to play the next play and keep grinding forward, regardless.  Such is life and our relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  

We will Realize The Dream! In 2009.  





2007 Living The Dream


GasAmerica Sponsors Champions!

Team Dully's Official Sponsor


The Fisher of Men Series.

GasAmerica supports Fishermen and Fishers of Men.

Make GasAmerica your first fishing stop.

That's Convenience!

Team Dully Takes First Place at Raccoon.

     At the May 19, 2007 Fishers of Men Tournament Series event at Raccoon Lake, Team Dully won the event with a 16 pound, 5 fish limit.  Team Dully swept the event by taking Big Bass, with a 5.5 lb. monster kicker fish.  Team Dully has advanced to a tied fifth place overall divisional points lead from fifteenth.  The prize purse, of over $1200, will keep Team Dully on the road to regional.  We dedicate all the glory of this win to our lord and savior, for with faith in Christ, all things are possible.  We would like to thank our official sponsor GasAmerica for believing in our vision and allowing us this opportunity to compete.  Our next event is to be held at Summit Lake on June 9, 2007.  Team Dully will be working towards being prepared for the event, in the weeks to come.  Champions are made, not born.  Check the official results at the F.O.M. website link below, in the Hoosier North Division. 


GasAmerica is in it for the Kids!


     Team Dully entered the Lake Summit Legacy Series event with  8 year old Lee Dullaghan June 16, 2007.  The event promotes taking kids fishing.  All junior competitors received a rod and reel combo, tackle box, and tackle pack at the pre-tournament prayer meeting, valued to over 70 dollars.  All junior members also received trophies to commemorate the day of the event.  Team Dully missed two big-gins at the boat.  However, the time spent on the water with Lee and the kids will be a cherished memory.  The Indiana North Division membership donated the moneys for the trophies and tackle for the kids.  What an experience for all who participated.  See additional photos and results at the F.O.M. website under the Legacy Series link.  God bless our future fishermen.      


         Team Dully fished the Morse Reservoir  "Jeff Rooze"memorial tournament on August 4, 2007.  This tournament concludes the 2007 F.O.M. Indiana Hoosier Northern Division season.  Team Dully finished the tournament in 8th place with a four fish bag of 7.52 lbs.  The team fished strong and made good sound adjustments during the day.  We were unable to bag the fifth needed fish to round out our limit.  What an exciting season.  Team Dully finished in 8th place over all and fifth in total money earnings.  Team Dully is currently fishing with a top 22%  average.  We ended the series with a 13 fish total weighing 28.37 lbs.  Our big bass at Raccoon of 5.5bls. is the biggest fish for the year.  We finished with 944 points overall and most importantly we attended every pre-tournament prayer meeting.  The Team would like to express it gratitude and give all the glory to our lord and savior, through faith anything is possible.  Thank you GasAmerica for your support and belief in our vision for the 2007 season.  This year is Team Dully's first attempt at fishing the F.O.M series.  The Team is honored to have finished in 8th place overall competing against such fine anglers in this division.  The team is already looking forward to next years season and will try to fish both the Hoosier North and South F.O.M. divisions.  Official results and pictures can be viewed at the F.O.M. web site link below at the Hoosier North Division link.  Team Dully will finish the year fishing open tournaments until mid October.  Results will be posted and more pictures to come.  God Bless.    


         Team Dully fished the St. Joe River on July 7, 2007.  On practise day the team caught numerous fish that would have been roughly 10-12 lb. limit.  The morning of the tournament the upper level low pressure turned into a high pressure front.  The fish tightened up and lock jaw set in.  The team struggled to boat 2 keepers and had no other quality bites.  The team tied for 18th place and dropped to 12th position overall.  The official results can be viewed at the F.O.M. website under the Indiana North Division link.  We would like to thank GasAmerica for allowing us the opportunity to fish this event.  The final tournament for the series will be at Morris Reservoir on August 4, 2007.  Hope to see you there.  God Bless.


           Team Dully made it to the June 9, Lake Summit meeting and tournament.  On practice day we faced 30 mph. winds and a cold front over Friday night into tournament day mourning.  Saturday, the winds died down and blue bird skies prevailed.  Clear water and bluebird skies hindered the field of 30.  First place was taken with a 10lb. limit.  Team Dully brought 4 fish to the scale and two of the fish remeasured short and were not weighed.  The remaining two fish were weighed to put the team in 18th place in the tournament and 11th in the overall standings.  We met our match with the clear water and missed some opportunities during the tournament.  We would like to thank GasAmerica for allowing us the opportunity to compete.  The official results are also posted at the F.O.M. web site under the Hoosier North Division.  The next tournament is going to be held at the St.Joe River on July 7, 2007 near South Bend.  The F.O.M. points race it is still any one's ball game.  Team Dully plans to make it happen at the river.  Team Dully will also be entering the F.O.M. Legacy Series event at Lake Summit on June 16, 2007 with 8 year old partner Lee Dullaghan.  Hope to see you at the weigh in.  Tight Lines to all.  For His Glory, God Bless.   

Team Dully attended our first F.O.M meeting and event for the Geist tournament held on April 21, 2007.  The pre-tournament meeting and meal was a very enjoyable experience.  The fellowship and organization of this series is second to none.  Team Dully won a new St. Croix  fishing rod as a door prize, valued over $150.  The one and only day for pre-tournament practice is a awesome equalizer and set the stage for a good competition.  All though Team Dully did not finish in the money on tournament day, we are currently tied for 15th in the standing with a reasonable start.  The official weight-in results and standings can be viewed at the F.O.M. website, listed above, at the Hoosier North Division link.  We would like to thank our official sponsor GasAmerica for making this opportunity possible and plan on improving at our next event.  Our next stop is Raccoon Lake on May 19. Hope to see you there.  God bless.